Teaching Grace In a Balanced Way

Editorial by Mary Felde

Most people like the word balance – it indicates a sound doctrine. When the word radical is mentioned some may be more cautious and on the alert.

What I have discovered after many years of teaching the Gospel of Grace in leadership seminars is that it is not only about the subject itself but also about how the subject is presented.

If the focus on grace is only about forgiveness of sins, then people might fear many will interpret this as a license to sin. However, the Bible speaks...

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God cleansed us more than 2000 years ago

Teaching by Lars Kraggerud, Norway
From: January - February 2015
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
Here on earth we have a physical life with our old flesh and body. We all sin in our earthly life and we may easily be occupied with our sins and mistakes.

Wrong focus prevents many Christians from bearing the fruit of the Spirit. They focus on their sins instead of focusing on who they are in Christ and that Christ lives inside of them. When I focus on myself, the sanctification stops. When I move my sight from myself to what Jesus has done for me and who I am in Christ, the...

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Teaching by Mary Felde
From: January - February 2015
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
We sometimes hear about “balanced grace”. But what do we balance grace with? Is it possible to balance grace at all?

On several occasions I have heard people mention that they fear the teaching about God’s Grace. When travelling around to preach, I have experienced people coming up to me before the meeting with worried comments about the so-called “grace-teaching”. But after the meeting, those same people are reassured, because they understand that it is a balanced teaching about...

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The Love That Won’t Let Go

Luke chapter 15 is one of Jesus’ most beloved teachings. In this album, Peter Youngren brings fresh insight: “I have referenced this chapter a thousand times or more, but in this teaching, fresh revelation poured over me”. You’ll benefit greatly by discovering The Love That Won’t Let Go. Where there is love, everything prospers.

CD 1: Love declares war on religion.
CD 2: Love that finds and restores.
CD 3: Love’s covenant or the contract of religion.
CD 4: Repent and rejoice: what does it mean?
CD 5: Love sees value.
CD 6: Amazing love in the face of ugly religion.