Jesus - a secure leader

Editorial by Mary Felde

Jesus truly demonstrates the life of a secure leader. From the very beginning of His ministry He heard God call him His “Beloved Son.” Later on Jesus speaks about His security with the Father:

“… whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that he Himself does; and He will show Him greater works…” (John 15:19-20)

It is amazing to see this security, and how it was evident in various situations in Jesus’ life. Remember...

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Grace and Leadership

Teaching by Fini de Gersigny
From: June-September 2015
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
If you are a leader in a local church you may have found yourself fighting to please God, the church and your family. You want to live up to the standard expected from a church leader – and you want to please everyone so that the local church will grow. You may even have experienced burnout that so often characterizes leaders in ministries. Let us look at some truths that will set you free from performance-based leadership.

For those on the journey of grace, leadership is such a...

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Living the Better Covenant – part 2

Teaching by Mary Felde
From: June-September 2015
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
The bible talks about pressing into the kingdom of God and taking it by force. Let’s look at these verses in the light of the new and better covenant, where heaven already is open and the kingdom already is given to us.


Why Storm Heaven if Heaven Is Already Open?

People are much the same in all nations. If we are told not to read a certain book, the possibility of people running out to search for that specific book might be high. This is what my pastor experienced. He has allowed...

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Living the Better Covenant

Transformation happens when you discover Christ’s finished work. Trusting Him who lives in you removes condemnation and brings you peace, security, confidence, and great joy. Ministry becomes restful and more fruitful.

Living the Better Covenant is an intensive treatise that covers truths that Mary Felde has taught for many years to diverse people worldwide – with ongoing testimonies about how lives have changed for the better and ministries have been significantly transformed.